Probiotic Deep Clean

The probiotic service we offer, uses safe chemicals to clean and protect the systems internal sections. The probiotics are non-evasive and harmless to humans and animals.   

So, what’s included

As dirt, mould, dust mites and harmful bacteria build up in the filters, ducts and valves, we highly recommend a Probiotic Deep Clean on a regular basis.

This will ensure your system stays in a good condition and for a healthier indoor living environment.

  • Filters:  Protecting the systems newly installed, internal filters using a probiotic spray.
  • Heat exchanger:  Hoovered then surface clean using our probiotic cleaning solution, then sprayed with our probiotic protector.
  • Systems internal sections:  Hoovered then surface clean using probiotics, then sprayed with our probiotic protector.
  • Ceiling valves:  Hoovered then surface clean using probiotics, then sprayed with our probiotic protector.
  • Ducting (if accessible):  Hoovered then surface clean using probiotics, then sprayed with our probiotic protector.
Conventional cleaning vs. cleaning with Probiotics

Unlike conventional cleaning products, probiotic cleaning products penetrate the biofilm. A Biofilm, is a collection of more than one type of microorganisms, that collect on a surface. The cleaning agent containing probiotics, (harmless microorganisms), fight the colonization of bad bacteria (including pathogens), in the biofilm. This action then creates, on the surface, a stable and healthy microbial environment.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm contains microbial cells adherent to one-another and to a static surface (living or non-living). Bacterial biofilms are usually pathogenic in nature and can cause nosocomial infections. … In general, bacterial biofilms show resistance against human immune system, as well as against antibiotics.

A Biofilm forms when certain microorganisms (for example, some types of bacteria) adhere to the surface of some object in a moist environment and begin to reproduce. The microorganisms form an attachment to the surface of the object by secreting a slimy, glue-like substance.

Bacteria and Probiotics

Probiotic cleaning is a totally new alternative to conventional disinfectants.

Probiotics is a composite biological product that contains detergents, enzymes and probiotics. The detergents will clean the surface removing the dirt and bacteria, the enzymes will take care of deep cleaning by affecting the biofilm, and the probiotics ensure that bad bacteria will not return.

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