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Installation, Servicing , Repairs and Maintenance of Mechanical Ventilation

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    There is no denying that fresh air is essential to humans – we need it to survive. Well-ventilated rooms at home will: Control Impurities, Reduce temperatures, & Reduce condensation. Check out our services below to see how we can help you achieve the perfectly ventilated home.



    Maintenance Visits

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    All our services are electronically recorded, signed by the home occupier then processed. The customer receives a copy for their records. Please remember, maintaining your ventilation system, is maintaining the air that you breath.

    • Check: The heat exchanger, gently brush, lightly clean, carefully hoovered. The heat exchanger is the part of the system that absorbs the heat from the passing air.
    • Check: Fan motors are running correctly. One fan motor is responsible for extracting air, the second is responsible for introducing air to your dwelling.
    • Renew: The systems internal filters are renewed.Depending on what type of system you have installed. The internal filters are responsible for managing the cleanliness of the air passing through the system.
    • Protect: The systems newly installed, internal filters using our probiotic filter spray. (additional cost)
    • Check: The condensate drain for blockages.
    • Check: Outside grills (if accessible) for build-up of dirt.
    • Clean: Outside grills fitted on the fabric of the property (if accessible)
    • Check: Visible ducting has no damage.
    • Clean: Room valves/diffuser. Usually fitted in the ceiling.
    • Balance: Balancing ensures the air flow is extracting and supplying air via the room valve, is correct. Using an air flow meter, we will read the air flow from each valve.

    Probiotic Deep Clean

    Non-evasive and harmless to humans and animals

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    Probiotic Deep Clean

    The probiotic service we offer, uses safe chemicals to clean and protect the systems internal sections.

    The probiotics are non-evasive and harmless to humans and animals.

    As dirt, mold, dust mites and harmful bacteria build up in the filters, ducts and valves, we highly recommend a Probiotic Deep Clean on a regular basis.

    This will ensure your system stays in a good condition and for a healthier indoor living environment.


    Call outs

    Identify Faults

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    Call outs

    During a callout our engineer will attempt to fix. If he cannot get the system working, he will investigate the fault and report to the office.

    The office will provide a report on remedial work so we can quote to return with parts ect.

    The majority of our call outs are due to systems not serviced, filters blocked, causing the motors to strain and develop a fault.

    It is important to service ventilation systems to maintain efficiency.



    Repair & Re-balance

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    Our engineers are more than competent to repair your ventilation system if parts are still manufactured. If the system is obsolete and parts no longer available, we will source the best system to supply and fit.

    In some cases, the access is not large enough to remove the unit therefore, we can enlarge the access to allow removal and in some cases fit a new access panel for future maintenance.

    Following any repair, we always rebalance the system.

    12 month guarantee


    Mechanical Ventilation

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    Tell us about your project. We will match you with the best ventilation solution to suit your property, unless you specify a particular manufacturer. Based on what you tell us and the plans you provide, we will generate a ventilation design and quote to complete the installation with our team of highly qualified engineers and electricians.

    From first fix to completion of the ventilation installation, we will be on hand throughout the process.

    We will ensure Building Regs Part F, Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guidelines, and Manufacturers specified installation are all considered.

    As required by building control, the installation is balanced as per the ventilation design. This is called commissioning to ensure building requirements and ventilation regulations are met. We will provide you the commissioning certificate to give to your building control officer. Commissioning certificates are required for the building to be signed off.



    Ventilation Installation Check & Fault Finding

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    Surevent work with large developers, via customer care departments, checking complaints on the efficiency of the installations. We have also been invited to check, before over boarding installations, by others.

    What we can do for you:

    • Check ventilation installation (by others) before over boarding or on completion of the install.
    • Check an installation in or after defects period.
    • Provide reports on any faults identified during the inspection.
    • Help installers to complete our recommendations.
    • Complete our recommendations on the behalf of the installer.
    • Ensures the ventilation is installed to recognised standards.
    • Commission an installation by others and provide a commissioning certificate.

    Technical support

    Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm

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    Technical support

    Surevent is renowned across the ventilation industry for their knowledge in supplying, fitting, repairing and maintaining ventilation systems.

    We are just as well-known for providing a superior customer service and supporting our customers with technical enquiries.

    We can resolve any ventilation technical enquiry quickly. The dedicated team are on hand and available during office hours – Monday- Friday from 8.30am to 4.30 pm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    i) If you have a valve in each room then you will have a Mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery (MVHR) ii) If you have a valve in the WET rooms ie Kitchen, bathroom, unsuits and, if necessary, the utility room. You will have a central extract system. (MEV) iii) If you have a loft space you may have a Positive ventilation system (PIV) You will know, by a tell tail sign, of a plastic dish, normally fitted in the landing ceiling.

    It will depend on what system you have and the size of property.

    Yes it will be cheaper, please contact us for our quote. We will advise accordingly, once we have a service history of your home. Other types of systems require less frequent servicing. Please contact for advice.

    As a result of today’s ever evolving energy saving measures for new builds and major refurbishments, properties have become dependent on mechanical ventilation. Due to improved building materials, techniques and regulations, properties have become sealed boxes with little or no natural ventilation. Without adequate ventilation, the moisture will penetrate walls, ceilings, bedding, clothing and mattresses, resulting in a damp, unhealthy living environment plagued by mould growth. Without a constant supply of fresh air in our homes, both the health of the occupants and the fabric of the building itself, are at risk.
An average family can produce up to 16 pints of moisture in the course of everyday living.

    As humidity rises and condensation occurs, an increase in mould growth and the dust mite population takes place within the home. Dust mites and their droppings are known allergens. Many people with asthma are sensitive to the droppings of house dust mites.

    To ensure your system is performing to its full potential and eliminate the build-up of dirt and other obstructions on filters, fan blades and ductwork a regular maintenance service is highly recommended.

    We would, as do system manufactures recommend changing the filters on a MVHR system at least every 12 months, however, there are some points to note that may change this frequency, these are occupancy level, lifestyles, pets and external conditions. Please remember, that as the air filters block the air flows will reduce, this will have a direct influence on the systems efficiency and effectiveness, ending up with air being moved.

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