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In order to provide the best service, Surevent Ltd. will listen to your enquiry, survey the property, and provide a solution that will satisfy your needs. See below for our list of services:

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We provide full designs showing the system placement, ducting and valve placements within each room. We can show you images taken in dwellings with ventilation systems in place. We tailor each design to meet your needs as well as comply with building regulations.

Ventilation Installation

Our installers are highly experienced fitters who have worked for many years in the ventilation industry. On the day of installation, our fitters will arrive at your home at the appointed time; you will find them courteous and professional at all times. Your home will be left clean and tidy with all waste materials removed, causing minimum disruption. Included in the installation is the complete balancing and commissioning of the system.


Manufacturer’s warranties are usually only valid subject to regular maintenance being completed on ventilation systems. Surevent will instruct you on how to maintain your ventilation system once it is installed. We will contact you when your system is due for a thorough maintenance check and arrange a suitable date for a maintenance visit.

This will ensure your system is performing to its full potential and eliminate the build up of dirt and other obstructions on filters, fan blades and ductwork. Obstructions can cause systems to underperform by up to 60%, costing the consumer money.

Our maintenance visits include:

• Filter replacement
• Cleaning of room diffusers
• Testing of motors
• Cleaning of heat exchanger
• Recommissioning and balancing of system
• Maintenance reports

It is important to book a maintenance visit with one of our experienced staff to ensure efficient operation, save money, and greatly reduce the risk of system failure. Filters should be replaced and the heat exchanger cleaned once a year; otherwise, it will stop working. A build up of dirt and other obstructions on the filters, fan blades, and ductwork will restrict the air flow and increase running costs by up to 60%.

“Heat-recovery devices need regular maintenance to work at their most efficient levels. Checking that heat-recovery devices are working properly will help to enable them to work efficiently and save you money.”Carbon Trust

If you would like Surevent to carry out a full maintenance service on your ventilation system, complete request a call back located at the top of this page and click and submit

Alternatively, contact us by phone or email. Office: 01371 859 106 Email:

After Sales

Once an installation has been completed, our commitment does not end there. Our staff are trained and encouraged to provide a high level of customer service. We have a network of engineers to ensure any issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Courtesy Call

A member of our team will make contact with you to ensure that all is well with your new ventilation system.

We will also contact you when you are due for a maintenance service and arrange an agreeable date and time.

We Value Your Comments and Feedback

Should you have any comments on any aspect of our service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Should you be dissatisfied with our service, contact the office for a copy of our complaints procedure.

Office: 01708 755505

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Energy Saving

Energy Efficient Mechanical Ventilation to Improve the Air Quality within Your Property

Surevent make every effort to ensure that the information given on this website is accurate; however this information may change as a result of continuing product research and development.