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Improve the air quality in your home.
Create a healthy indoor environment that
is free from condensation and mould.

If You Insulate,
You Must Ventilate!

Ventilation (energy efficient) Systems
We supply and fit ventilation systems to improve the air quality in your home and create a healthy indoor environment that is free from condensation and mould.

Mould Treatments and Eradication (proven over 45 years)
We provide specialist maintenance treatments and coatings, designed specifically to deal with black mould and mildew infecting walls and ceilings inside buildings.

Thermal Insulation (energy saving product)
We supply and fit energy saving Sempatap thermal solid wall insulation in properties, (external walls only) to reduce heat loss and make rooms feel immediately warmer

Why ventilate?

• New build – helping to achieve relevant code levels

• Reduction in costs associated with removing mould and redecorating

• Improved indoor air quality for all types and sizes of property/premises

• Reduced heating bills

• Ventilation systems that can cure problems associate with energy
  efficient buildings without sacrificing the energy savings

• Compliance with Decent Homes Standard Section 6 (6.22)

• Compliance with Building Regulations (part F)

• Compliance with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System
  (HHSRS) which states mould growth is one of the 29 hazards that can be assessed   and if found to be a category 1 authorities have a duty to act

• Can reduce respiratory and asthma symptoms

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Energy Saving

Energy Efficient Mechanical Ventilation to Improve the Air Quality within Your Property

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